We offer class discounts for the following individuals: Students (with current ID), Adults 65+, Military, Fire Fighters, Police men & women, Public School Teachers, and  Yamhill County Yoga Teachers (we also include support staff!). Discounted rates can be seen online, but must be purchased in studio. 

  • Single Drop-in: $15

  • 5 class card: $70

  • 10 class card: $120

  • 30 days of Unlimited Yoga: $80 with 3 month contract or $100 without contract

    Note: For every 10 class package we sell, a class is donated to our community. These classes help us provide FREE yoga for Teens (currently one Saturday a month) & individuals in need (whenever they need it). Thank you for helping us help our community!

  • Discounted Rates: $12.00 drop-in, $100.00 10-class pass, $70.00 30-days unlimited. *Discounted rates must be paid at studio, Cash or check made to Boho Yoga preferred*

*Pricing is subject to change



  • Signing up online is not required, but it will save time for you & our teachers when you arrive at the studio. This is especially helpful during the weekends when classes tend to be busier. However, if you experience any trouble or you'd rather sign up at the studio, no problem! 

  • Once you arrive at the studio, please write your name on the sign-in sheet at the front of class.

  • If you are new to Boho Yoga, please arrive ten minutes early to take care of all formalities

  • If you arrive late and meditation is in progress, please take a seat quietly near the door and wait until the meditation is over before rolling out your mat

  • Boho yoga provides yoga mats if needed, currently at no charge

  • Our studio is a no wifi zone and cell phones are not allowed into the practice area

Respect for teacher & fellow practitioners

  • Turn off all cell phones and other electronic devices

  • Remove shoes before entering the practice space

  • Roll mats out quietly

  • If you have arrived early and are talking to your fellow practitioners, please do so in a low volume so that others can begin their practice peacefully

  • The studio is only available 15 minutes before and after each class for use by students

  • Please be on time. If for any reason you are going to be delayed please send us a message and If you arrive late and chanting or meditation is in progress, please take a seat quietly near the door and wait until the meditation is over before rolling out your mat

  • Move your mat around to make space in a crowded class.

  • If you are new, need to make a payment, or if there is something you need to talk to the teacher about, please arrive 10 mins early to do so

  • If you need the instructor’s attention beyond class time  and it is something that will take more than 5 minutes. Please consider booking the instructor’s time for a private session

Cleanliness & Dress Code

  • Please observe basic hygiene when attending a yoga class

  • Dress code includes track pants, yoga pants, shorts, leggings, tops and t shirts. Jeans, cargo pants, and skirts are not considered appropriate yoga gear and may cause injury. Please wear clothing that allows the teacher to see the body line

  • If you tend to break out into a heavy sweat, please carry your own towel

  • Consider having your own mat for hygiene reasons

  • Please wipe all studio mats used after your practice

  • Please Stack props back neatly into the shelf

  • If you are sick, please stay home. We may be forced to ask you to leave in order to protect the health of everyone at the studio

Late-comers/ Early-goers

  • We encourage all participants to arrive 5-10 mins prior to the start of class. This will give you enough time to settle down, check in, & disconnect from the outside

  • Being disciplined is a part of the yogic journey, we are working hard to start & end all our classes on time. If you need to leave early, please let your teacher know

  • If you arrive late and chanting or meditation is in progress, please take a seat quietly near the door and wait until the meditation is over before rolling out your mat

  • Please be mindful that making people move around in crowded classes to accommodate late comers is not always possible & you may be asked to attend class during another time (note that weekends our small studio can get very full so please plan accordingly)

Payment & Refund Policy

  • Boho Yoga accepts cash, check and all major credit cards. Returned checks will be subject to a $25 processing fee in addition to the original amount.

  • Monthly Contract Memberships require a 3 month commitment and after this time may be placed on hold a maximum of 3 times/year for a total of 3 months.

  • Workshops & intensives have different refund polices. Please check all refund/cancellation policies for each event before signing up.

  • Discounts may only be redeemed at time of purchase and may not be retroactively discounted. Only one discount may be applied at a time

  • Boho Yoga does not guarantee schedules and reserves the right to change, cancel, or alter class schedules, workshops, or retreats. We do our best to immediately inform students of any changes. Please check the online schedule before coming to class for up-to-date class cancellations or studio closures.

Lost Items

  • Boho Yoga is not responsible for any personal belongings that may be lost, stolen or misplaced during, before and after class hours.

  • All lost and founds items will be available for 30 days after which we will be donating all items to goodwill


  • I am new to yoga; which class should I attend? 

Welcome to yoga practice! It can feel a bit daunting sometimes to jump into unfamiliar territory & we congratulate you on taking the first steps in a new direction.

All of our classes move with enough mindfulness that after a few classes you’ll feel right at home.  You’ll want to choose a class that meets you at your current fitness level or needs-meaning level 1- level 2 classes will be a great starting point (Gentle/ Foundational/ Restorative/Yin, Align & Refine etc.), 2/3 classes (Ashtanga/ Power & Strength/ etc.) will be strength oriented and challenging- some of these may move faster than others and are best to work up to or speak with a teacher prior to attending unless you’re currently feeling fit and active.

Note: If you currently have trouble getting up and off the floor, please reach out to us so we can talk with you ahead of time and prepare ways to best accommodate your situation before coming to class.

Do you have a yoga teacher training?

We are so glad you asked! YES!

We will be hosting our first 200 Hour Yoga Intensive Study & Teacher Training in starting in Fall 2019. Click HERE to learn more!