I am new to Boho Yoga; Do I need to sign up ahead of time?

Signing up online will save you time when you arrive at the studio. This is especially helpful during the weekends when classes tend to be busier. However, if you experience any trouble or for whatever reason you'd rather sign up at the studio, no problem! 

Note: You can now sign up online and pay at the studio! (Helpful if you would like to pay with a cash or check instead of a credit or debit card.)

I am new to yoga; which class should I attend? 

Welcome to yoga practice! It can feel a bit daunting sometimes to jump into unfamiliar territory. Periodically, we host an Intro to Yoga Series designed to familiarize you with the fundamental concepts of a yoga practice. If we’re in between cycles still come to regular class- all of our classses move with enough mindfulness that after a few classes you’ll feel right at home.  You’ll want to choose a class that meets you at your current fitness level or needs-meaning level 1 level classes will be a great starting point, 2/3 classes will be strength oriented and challenging- some of these may move faster than others and are best to work up to or speak with a teacher prior to attending unless you’re currently feeling fit and active.

Note: If you currently have trouble getting up and off the floor, please reach out to us so we can talk with you ahead of time and prepare ways to best accommodate your situation before coming to class.

What should I wear?

Wear comfortable clothing. You will be asked to leave your shoes at the front of the studio before stepping into the practice space.